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Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Welcome to Happy Hounds Dog Grooming Parlour.

Located in the premises of Doggy Dips Hydrotherapy, Happy Hounds Dog Grooming Parlour offers a friendly, caring and professional dog grooming service. Each dog is treated as an individual on a one to one basis, making sure they are calm and happy and given the utmost attention. The grooming room is light and airy, with a window for the dogs to watch the outside while being groomed, fresh water is always available. Extra time for nervous dogs is very important at Happy Hounds, and Karen is happy to split the time into shorter sessions if the dog prefers this to begin with. Puppy sessions are also available.

The grooming services provided can be tailored to your requirements.

Here is a guide list of prices (prices may vary depending on size)

Free Consultation

Groom & Shine — a thorough groom and de-shed, a shine up with conditioning spray , nail trim, eye and ear clean — from £15

Quick bath and blow dry ─ from £12.50

Bath with shampoo and conditioner, blow dry and groom and shine ( inc nail trim, eye and ear clean) — From £ 22.50

Clipping ( inc, bath , blow dry, nail trim and conditioning spray) — from £ 35

Handstripping — this is for dogs with wiry type of coats and helps to keep the dogs coat in a ‘natural’ style, it is priced higher as the service takes a longer time. This includes a bath, blow dry and nail trim — From £ 40

De-matting — a consultation is a good idea if a dog is badly matted From £ 40

Puppy sessions ─ give your puppy the best start to feel happy whilst being groomed with a relaxed session or two at an early age - £25

Nails — £ 5

Doggy pedicure inc. Nail trim, paw hair trim and wax applied to pads to help protect — £ 11

Ear clean and pluck — £ 10

Tooth brushing — £ 8

Tick removal ─ £8

All the above prices depend on the size of the dog and also condition of the coat (ie. matted).

It is usual for dogs to be dropped off for their appointments and picked up at an arranged time.

If for any reason you may be concerned about your dog being left, please discuss any concerns with Karen on booking the appointment.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. Unfortunately I cannot accept cards. If a cancellation is to be made for a grooming appointment, please try to allow at least 24 hours notice .

For enquiries, call Karen on 07799114061 or email

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